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Algonac Includes one high school, one middle school and five elementary schools. Students come from three townships Clay and portions of Ira and Cottrellville and the city of Algonac. One elementary school Is located on Harsen's Island. The district has been a showcase for technology in St. Clair County. All classrooms will soon be wired for computers. Algonac High School proficiency test scores were up in all areas for 1997. Demographics

ADMINISTRATION: The building is at 1216 St. Clair Boulevard in Algonac. Phone 794-9364. Fax: 794-0040. Dr. Dennis Guiser is superintendent. William Foster is assistant superintendent, Sandra Weir is director of business services.

SCHOOL BOARD: President Maryann Drob,
Secretary Sharon Stiltner, Vice President Paul
Dennis, Treasurer Leroy Bristol, Andrew Goulet,
Edward Stanulis and Lee (Bud) Hulewicz.

ENROLLMENT:    About 2,590.


  • Algonac High School, 5200 Taft Road. Principal Tom Baldwin. 794-491 1.
  • Algonquin Junior High, 9185 Marsh Road.
    Principal Linda Schneider-Rediske. 794-9317.
  • Algonac Elementary School, 1300 St. Clair
    Boulevard. Principal Ilene MacDonald. 794-491 1.
  • Fair Haven Elementary, 8361 Broadbridge.
    Principal Pam Leidlein. 725-791 1.
  • Harsen's Island Elementary, 2669 Columbine. Principal Pam Leidlein.
  • Millside Elementary, 1904 Mill Street. Principal Martha Szymanski. 794-8880.
  • Pte. Tremble Elementary School, 9541 Phelps Road. Principal William Walker. 794-3022.
  • St. Catherine Catholic School: Located in Algonac and offering a preschool-8 education. Principal Joseph LaLonde. 794-4965.