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Located on Armada Center and Burk In the village of Armada. Draws students from the village of Armada and townships of Berlin, Bruce, Lenox, Armada, Richmond, Riley and Ray.

ADMINISTRATION: Superintendent (vacant), 784-5558. Business, Michael Musory, 784-5559. Fax: 784-8650.

SCHOOL BOARD: President Cynthia Banach, Vice President Charlene Moore, Secretary Kathleen Capozzo, Treasurer Gary Pompilius and trustees Don Locke, Ronald Wandel and Joseph Alcini.

ENROLLMENT: About 1,690.


  • Armada Elementary, 74500 Burk, 784-9168. Principal (vacant).
  • Armada Middle School, 23550 Armada Center, 784-9105. Principal (vacant).
  • Armada High School, 23655 Armada Center, 784-9156. Principal Dennis Kiel.
  • Calvary Baptist School: Located on Fulton Street in Armada, the school is operated by Calvary Baptist Church. Grades K4-12. Superintendent, the Rev. Nort an Farver. 784-9050.