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East China School District serves the communities of St. Clair, Marine City and portions of the townships of Casco, China, Columbus, Cottrellville, East China, Ira and St. Clair, covering an area of 122 square miles. Demographics

ADMINISTRATION: Superintendent Thomas Shorkey, 765-8817.

SCHOOL BOARD: President Robert Beattie, Michael McCartan, Patricia Thompson, John Naile, James Biewer, John Folske and Charles Cotton.


  • Marine City High School, 1085 Ward Street, Marine City, 765-8881. Robert Rood, Principal.
  • St. Clair High School, 2200 Clinton Avenue, St. Clair, 329-4757. Richard Rose, Principal.
  • Washington Elementary, 403 North Mary Street, marine City, 765-8747. Todd Bigger, Principal.
  • Marine City Middle School, 6373 King Road, Marine City, 765-8891. S. Dianne Maki, Principal.
  • St. Clair Middle School, 301 North Sixth, St. Clair, 329-2251. Daryl Walker, Principal.
  • Belle River Elementary, 1601 Chartier, Marine City, 765-3515. Karen Hill, Principal
  • Eddy Elementary, 301 North Ninth, St. Clair, 329-2239. Karen Monaman, Principal.
  • Gearing Elementary, 200 North Carney Drive, St. Clair, 329-9089. Laurie Mayes, Principal
  • Palms Elementary, 6101 Palms, Fair Haven, 7658104. Delbert Krueger, Principal.
  • Pine River Elementary, 3575 King Road, China, 329-9010. Elizabeth Harvey, Principal.
  • Ward-Cottrell East High School, 3 1 0 South Parker, marine City, 765-3535. Matthew Drake, Principal.