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Schools - Marysville

Marysville School District serves a growing community that Includes the city of Marysville and areas of St. Clair and Kimball townships. The Viking mascot adorns several area businesses, evidence of a strong school spirit that encompasses the entire community.

ADMINISTRATION: Superintendent Charles Andrews, 364-7731.

SCHOOL BOARD: Thomas Bower, Ashley Grant, Dennis Murray, Sandra Maryon, John Turrell, Janet Clayton and Beth Graham.

ENROLLMENT: About 2,560.


  • Marysville High School, 1325 Michigan, 3647161. Tom Hadden, Principal.
  • Marysville Intermediate School, 400 Collard, 364-6336. Dave Randolph, Principal.
  • Gardens Elementary, 1076 Sixth, Marysville, 364-7141. Elaine Roffey, Principal.
  • Washington Elementary, 905 Sixteenth,Marysville, 364-7101. James Bearss, Principal.
  • Morton Elementary, 920 Lynwood, Marysville, 364-2990. Patricia Bober, Principal.