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Schools - Richmond

Located on one central campus along 32 Mile Road. Draws Students from the city of Richmond and townships of Richmond, Lenox, Columbus and Casco.

ADMINISTRATION: Interim Superintendent Donald Pobuda, 727-3565. Business, Roger Borton, 727-3585. Community Education, Sharon Ozark, 727-1657. Dr.Janet Higgins, 727-3553, Director of Special Education. State and Federal Programs.

SCHOOL BOARD: President John Clark, Vice president Jacquelyn Stricker, Secretary Margaret Teltow, TreasurerWilliam Ruemenapp, trustees, Peggy Higgins, Leonard Konwinski and Lori Schweiger.

ENROLLMENT: About 1,750


  • Will L. Lee Elementary, 68399 Forest, 727-2509. Principal Gene Jakubiak.
  • Richmond Middle, 35250 Division Road, 7277552. Principal Garry Rumbaugh. Assistant Principal Judy Orris.
  • Richmond High School, 35250 Division Road, 727-3225. Principal Thomas Powers.
  • St. Augustine Catholic School: Located in downtown Richmond, the school is operated by St. Augustine Catholic Church. Grades preschool through eighth. Principal Judy Karle. 727-9365.
  • St. Peter Lutheran School: Located on Gratiot near 31 Mile Road in Richmond, the school is operated by St. Peter Lutheran Church. Grades nursury school through eighth. Principal Amy Werderman. 727-9080.