Communities - Area Info

Ira Township

Located adjacent to New Baltimore, Ira also borders three other townships: Casco, Cottrellville and Clay. Population 6,200 +. Many restaurants and bars are on the waterfront portion of the township. Anchor Bay Chateau accounts for a large share of the population.
This area shares two school districts: Anchor Bay and Algonac.

Officials: Supervisor John Jones, Clerk Crystal Sovey, Treasurer Peter Vernier, trustees James Endres Jr. and Tom Jeannette.

Township Offices: 7085 Meldrum Road. Open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday thru Friday. 725- 0263.

Business: The township has a small industrial base with a few factories, the largest being ISI Manufacturing, a robotics company, and PTM Corporation. Ira is also developing an industrial district.

Shopping: Small grocery stores dot the main township roads, along with a party store, drug store and auto parts store.

Library: Located at Meldrum and Shortcut roads. Librarian Gary Kupper. 725-9081.


  • A park behind the township hall is under construction, with monkey bars and plans to have a play area and trail.

  • Children can use the playground equipment on the school grounds of Fair Haven elementary.

  • A state public access site is located along M-29.