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Lenox Township

The small rural area has numerous bonds to larger neighboring communities like Richmond and New Haven, where residents often turn for shopping and entertainment. The township has 4,959 residents. Demographics

Officials: Supervisor John Gardner, Clerk Jodi Kethe, Treasurer Karen Ottenbacher, trustees Mack Weaver and Karen Turchi.

Township Hall: 63975 Gratiot. Open Monday thru Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to noon and 1p.m. to 5p.m. 727-2085. Fax: 727-3188.

Business: the industrial base in the area is lead by an iron castings factory called The New Haven Foundry on Main Street in New Haven. The foundry employs 350 and makes cylinder block heads and other auto parts for car companies.

Library: Lenox Library (58976 Main, New Haven) has been expanded, doubling the size of the building. Open Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 9-5: Tuesda and Thursday, 12-8. Closed on Saturday in the summer but open from Labor Day to Memorial Day, 10-2. Reading and film programs, story hours, fax machine. Director Joanne Johnson 749-3430. Fax: 749-3245.

Museums: None, although Lenox Cemetery on Kuster Road is home to several old tombstones, including those of Civil War soldiers. 


  • Salt River Park on Gratiot has been restored after years as a defunct carnival, has 28 acres available for rent. Bandshell, restrooms.

  • Wetzel State Park, located located on Omo Road between 26 and 28 Mile, may become a jewel if the township comes across the funding needed to develop the 913 acres. Plans call for overnight camping and nature trails, among others.


  • Sportsman’s Clubs, 27 Mile and 28 Mile.

  • The public also makes use of tennis courts located behind the township offices. The first township park construction began this year. 

Big Events: 

  • June- A ceremony is held at Lenox Cemetery to honor the Civil War dead; residents dress in era clothing and fire an authentic war cannon.

  • July- The Sportsmen’s Club hosts an ox roast fund-raiser for the Wertz Warriors, who raise money for Special Olympics.